I am a creative producer.
I am interested in the application of artistic methods to encourage social change for more sustainable communities. I am fascinated by the opportunity artistic expression can provide individuals and their communities; rich opportunities for active, participatory development guided
by shared experience and a common goal.
I believe artistic expression is key to shaping our sustainable future and that creative thinkers and creators can galvanise communities, through empathetic, engaged people-centric work.

management + coordination =
research + project development + implementation + reporting

Working primarily as a consultant across the ideation, development and management of projects and events, I also have diverse skills across curation, artist engagement, workshop facilitation and programming.

  • Project and event management in the arts including live events, workshops and festivals
  • Facilitation and project development
  • Curatorial and programming for arts projects
  • Ethnographic field research and reporting for cultural institutions, specifically for audience and program development
  • Copywriting, portfolio management and advise for creative projects and artists

I am hands-on and people focused with a strong belief that an ethnographic approach to project work, with people at it’s heart can develop meaningful and sustained shared experiences.

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curatorial + programming =
symposia, lecture series, exhibition, publication, commercial product, festival, public art

I am currently obsessed with the idea of the future; possibilities, speculations and preferences. My current research is curious about the role of arts methodology in shaping, communicating and promoting possible futures – what do we want as active citizens, how can we be galvanised to achieve the best future possible?

event design + coordination =
networking + experience design + gameification + workshop design + participant engagement