If you are an Australia or New Zealand based artist interested in having your work featured in the BioPak Art Series, please use the form below or copy and paste your answers into an email along with examples of your work.

BioPak launched the first BioCup Art Series in August 2013, working with artists who are passionate about the environment and use related themes in their work. These artists identified this promotion as a platform to gain exposure for their work and passions. If you would like to be considered for a future series, please let us know below.

Unfortunately due to large numbers of submissions, I cannot reply to all of you, but all submissions are directly added to our artist database and you will be contacted should your work be appropriate for an upcoming series.

Submission Details

  • Australian and New Zealand artists or artists based in Australia and New Zealand will be considered.
  • We encourage artwork that represents a positive environmental message, ethos or subject matter.
  • Artists chosen to participate in the project will need to describe the work’s environmental themes. Feel free to outline these in the form.
  • Please provide a link to your portfolio, Instagram, Behance etc
  • You are welcome to submit a specific image by the separate email button below. This is not a must. If you do so, please name your files: Artist Name_Artwork Title.
  • Work must be original and able to be represented in 2D, be appropriate for a public audience and the cup shape.
  • Only submit LOW RES images, if we need higher res images we will contact you.
  • Please also be aware that we keep a database by artist not artwork. Only make one submission – if we require updated work we will ask.

Email Artwork